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Lamin Manneh is a British soldier who in 2010 lost both legs and one arm in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) he triggered during a patrol in Afghanistan.

Born in Gambia in 1977, the former Irish Guard moved into a specially-adapted house with his wife and five children in the 'Veterans’ Village' in Newton Heath, Manchester. Featured on the BBC's DIY SOS, the project was the programme's biggest ever challenge, famously enlisting the help of Princes William and Harry.

There are not many people who can say the future King of England helped decorate their lounge.


Before he moved into his new home, Lamin struggled to get up the stairs to read his children a bedtime story and felt cut off from the rest of his family. Now his specially adapted house allows him access to move around freely.

Lamin competing at the 2016 Invictis games (photo: British Army)

Lamin chatting to Princes William and Harry during DIY SOS (Photo: BBC)

Lamin & Royals.jpg
Lamin- Invictis.jpg

Photography by Yasmin Carter

Lamin competed at the Invictis Games in 2016 and 2018, winning medals for both shot put and indoor rowing.

THE SHOOT: The Manchester College, Northenden

The college photography studio

Student reflection: Yasmin Carter

"Working with Lamin was in incredible experience, it taught me the importance of making sure you get to know your sitter before taking their photos. Making sure they are comfortable in the studio setting is essential, even if it means telling a silly joke to get the specific reaction you require. It's important to be confident so your subject will have confidence in you. From this one shoot with Lamin, I have learned the invaluable lesson to be relaxed around the people I'm photographing, something I have taken forward in all my photographic work."



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